Update Feb 2017: Thanks to a generous grant, our dog park is currently in the design process by a Landscape Architect contracted by the City of Fitchburg. We will update this site when we have more information on design details.

Our current schematic Dog Park design layout as of 8-2016

Our current schematic Dog Park design layout as of 8-2016

More than just a park.


Phase 1 /II Planning:

Fencing to surround approximately 1.0 acres including gates, leash/unleash areas

Water Line to feed Phase 1 fountain at park (sized for future dog splash park area)

Accessible walkway down to park entrance

Dog Waste Bag and Receptacle Stations

Picnic Tables with roof or under pavillion

Dog Play / exercise / training equipment

Landscaping; trees, shrubs, perennials


Phase III Planning:

Splash Park / Water feature

Brick Pavers for patio feature

Better hardscaping materials




Open Land

WIth close to 1 acre of open land, Fitchburg Dog Park has more than enough for your dog to run around, get some energy out, and make new friends!

Waste Receptacle Stations

Our volunteers and supporters will provide bags and a place to put *it*....



Benches so humans can make friends, too!

Agility Courses

Teach your dog how to jump through a hoop or crawl through a tube!