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Ways to Donate:

1. Click the donate button above to donate via Credit or Debit card on our website

2. Fill out our membership form here and mail your check to: Friends of Fitchburg DOGS, Inc, 305 Whitney St. STE 100, Leominster, MA 01453

Friends of Fitchburg Dog Park Members

Membership to the Friends of Fitchburg Dog Park runs on a yearly basis, Feb 1st to Jan 31st, with a minimum donation of $10.

Next year's membership is retroactive for 5 months prior to Feb 1st, ie.) Donations made after September 1st count towards the next year's membership.

Your membership is so important for the funds needed to build and maintain our dog park. Membership donations are an essential part of our fundraising efforts. 


Dog Park Fundraising

Join us at one of our Dog Park Committee meetings to help us plan a fundraiser! We always welcome help to raise funds to help make our park a success!

  • Youcaring account with online donations
  • Letter writing campaign to residents asking for donations
  • Yearly Membership to the Friends of the Fitchburg Dog Park
  • Dining to Donate Nights
  • Personalized Dog Park Ornaments as a fundraiser
  • Future: Engraved bricks for water fountain area or entrance gate area
  • Grants, local businesses/vets to donate in exchange for signage/advertising on signs and website

Fun community fundraiser events like

  • Like a car wash fundraiser but a doggie wash fundraiser! With doggie washes and grooming maybe....and we can set up a bake sale at the same place with human treats and doggie baked goods for sale to benefit the dog park
  • Doggie walk-a-thons around coolidge--- particpants get pledges from donors
  • Doggie Talent show/ Dog show--- benefits dog park and best dog category ribbons
  • Fitchburg Dog Park bumper sticker sales, fitchburg dog park t shirts, dog leashes...we can sell these in perpetuity to benefit the dog park as well.
  • A Howl-ween dog costume contest
  • Annual Charity Events: Golf Outing, Restaurant Nights

Merchandise Sales

  • Fitchburg Dog Park Branded magnets, leashes, collars, bandanas, t shirts etc
  • Locally made dog amenities that benefit the dog park
  • Doggie waste bags and waste bag holders sold at events



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